List1 "Contains List" List2 [solved]

Hi everyone,

I created a simple example with lists of numbers and lists of texts and apply the Contains List on them. It works if Bubble definition will be:
Returns yes if the second list contains one or many entries from the first list. ?

Instead of Bubble Contains List definition: … contains list …
Returns yes if the first list contains all the entries from the second list.

Do search:

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Hi @JohnMark, I’m not sure I see the problem. I read Bubble’s explanation of contains list as returns yes if all of the entries in list 2 exist in list 1 and this is the case in both of your examples. List 1 contains all of the entries in list 2. It may contain more items than in list 2 but as long as all of the entries in list 2 are present, contains list will return true.

If you want to test for an exact match of lists then I think this may require intersect, with a count. I think there are some posts on this in the forum (I recall one by @fayewatson) but you may have explored this already.

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Hi @louisadekoya

Yes I’m looking a perfect match without using intersect. Also there’s no opposite equivalent like “No Contains List” (but using ‘formatted as text’ will work). As you said, it fit the concept.



Try List A contains_list List B AND List B contains_list List A AND List A count = List B count.


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