Limit user account access to n number of devices

Hi, can I limit the number of devices a user can log in to their account from?

The use case is, I have a pricing tier for team members and I don’t want people sharing one account with their whole team.

The current best solution seems to be Bubble’s auto-log out function, but it’s not as foolproof.

Many thanks!

Hello @Louis-1832

Look at zeroqode plugin limit access user. You can also validate IP and restrict to an active number.

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Thanks @JohnMark!

Do you remember the name of the plugin? I’ve had a look through Zeroqode’s plugin page but can’t find anything resembling what you describe.

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Hi @JohnMark, unfortunately the plugin doesn’t restrict user access based on IP addresses/devices.

This from Zeroquode:

I’m afraid our plugin does not allow you to restrict sessions based on IP addresses, but it does restrict the number of sessions in a browser based on a session token. It is simply searching for the session token in your app database for the Current User, but this functionality needs to be implemented.

This seems more like Bubble’s auto-log out function.

To limit IPs, I suggest using:

To validate if the user is using the mouse/keyboard (working free plugin even depreciated):


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