Limiting API Request for my users

Hey Bubblers,

I was wondering if there was a way to setup rate limits for backend (API workflows) so I can prevent any cap in capacity causing issues sitewide.

If anyone has any insight I’d love to hear it!

Are you talking about external API calls into your app ?

Or internal user actions causing workflow runs ?

Like getting data from my app through an API

If you wrapped the data API in Integromat then it would limit to 5 calls per second (IIRC).

Thanks @NigelG! I’ll look into Integromat, but how would I exactly wrap the data API in Integromat?

Hi @johnny

I had the same issue and find out a built-in solution

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Create a Webhook in integromat. Then in the webhook call your Bubble API.

I am sure there are other solutions, but this is fresh in my mind as I have used it in Bubble for another reason.

There is a video on my new site.

You could also implement the “quota” system in there as well I think.

But what that does is rate-limit outside Bubble, and will return a 439 (I think) if they exceed 5 per second.

So that will create a hard-limit on your data API so Bubble doesn’t get swamped. If you want to do it per user with a quota then the ideas above are probably a good start. Still doesn’t stop your API getting hammered though.