API limiting with Stripe integration?

I am using the Stripe API and it seems to be stopping the PaymentCapture step when multiple users are trying to purchase at the same time. It creates the PaymentIntent, but then stops there. Is there something I need to do on my end to allow for high volume transactions at a single point in time? It worked perfectly when I was testing (with a real card etc), but with more than one user trying to check out at the same time, it would break the API.

Thanks for your help!

this depend on how you have API request set. Limit is 100 request per seconds…
Are you processing the payment using a backend WF?.. maybe it’s more related to Bubble capacity?

100 requests per second should be plenty, but yes, using Bubble workflow on the backend. Attaching a photo of what I have set up right now.

The problem is probably more capacity issue. Check your server capacity to see if you reach it

Right before the item went on sale (it’s event tickets), I increased the capacity for the app. But that still doesn’t seem to have done the trick. Attaching a photo of my capacity charts.

I don’t see any issue for capacity. It’s near 0%. Investigate using logs to catch any errors in your workflow