Limiting items in Repeating group based off of max height

Hi Bubblers,
I’m designing an app that exports pdf proposals for my clients. I have a bubble page that acts as a template with set page parameters which gets saved/exported as a pdf document. In this template page, I have groups in a column whose height and width are set to pixel ratio which will match a standard US letter page when exported. This is working well but for one thing: Since my users select items they want to include from a form, the size and number of items vary. For this reason, I’m using repeating groups to display numerous selected text items from my database. I can guess at how many of these items it will take to fill out my page, but it’s only just a guess. If the size of the items selected exceeds the rg size, it will then appear as a scrolling list with a scroll bar. When this happens, the extra items won’t show on the exported pdf.

Is there any way to automatically limit the number of items in a repeating group once they exceed the height/width of that group?

I think you could just set the RG to have a fixed number of rows and then figure out what is the height of the row compared to the height of the RG so that you get the correct fixed number of rows.

would that work given that the cell height isn’t necessarily the same for each item in the RG? It may be hard to tell from the screenshots, but each section title and body paragraph is different sized.

RG cell height should be flexible as it’s a min height setting

Did you try the suggestions I made?

So Ive been playing around with this and setting a fixed number a rows disables the use of Masonry grid, which throws off the alignment of everything. I’m still working on it, but haven’t gotten any solid fixes.

I’m still working on this and have not found a solution. In the editor, you can either have a fixed number of rows OR a minimum row height, but not both. With more than one column, using either fixed rows or minimum row height prevents items from stacking vertically, resulting in the following:

This is why I was trying to use the masonry grid feature, because it allows items in the column to stack vertically relative to the height of the item above it, rather than the entire row. The masonry grid function isn’t really working either because it just cuts off the text or has a scroll box to scroll down to view the content that exceeds the bounds of the RG height. To simplify, lets just forget about the masonry grid and just use and RG with ONE column. This way, items will stack properly. Now, what I need to figure out is how to populate items in the single-column RG so that IF the cell size does not fit into the RG max height, it gets bumped to the next RG. any thoughts?

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