Limits external API Calls?

Hi, I try to make a GET call on an external API endpoint, however the Bubble editor crashes every time I try to initialize the call. The API should give back 25.000 entries…

On what way can I use this endpoint?

You’re probably going to need to chunk that call up pretty significantly. Bubble doesn’t seem to be great at handling large batch sizes like that. I’d start small, see what DOESN’T crash the editor, and increase your call size until you find the threshold. Not ideal, but might be the way you have to go, unfortunately.

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What is the largest size you found you could import from an external file?

We abandoned the approach we were taking when one of our users came up with another idea. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience to share with you!

What alternative idea did you come up with in importing external files? I’m trying to import an external json file with 1000+ items

Ours was much simpler. We thought teachers needed live updating from a gradebook app. Instead, they just needed stuff entered once a semester. At the scale we’re at, we just did it manually. Saved way more time for everybody, and no scalability issues. Not helpful, I know!

For one situation I had I made a call to an external .php I wrote. I pass the unique IDs of the things I needed updating. The php then makes the call to the api endpoint gets The JSON and then uses the Bubbie data API to update those unique IDs . No limits etc

I had to do this as was running api schedules and it’s killing my app usage .