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Line/Bar Chart Grouping

I want to use the grouping function to create a chart where data is displayed per month. I however do not find the “Grouping” option under the “Type of Data” drop down . Can someone please help?

Welcome to Bubble @andre1!

Are you using a plugin? If so, you’ll need to place the element on the page to access the data types.

Line/Bar Chart Plug-In is installed and placed on the page. No “Grouping” option is available under the “Type of Data”

Can you share screenshots? I’m not sure I understand.

I expected a “Grouping” or “Group by” option next to type of data…

The type of data comes from your database or external api if your using one.

Data source is where you’ll be able to filter, and sort by items in the data list after you’ve select its source.

Thank you!

What I noted is that you do not have to select “Grouping” under type of data. The “Grouping” type of data is displayed automatically once you select “group by” under data source.

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Hey there! Couldn’t find the Line/Bar chart plugin anywhere. Can someone please share the link of that plugin please?