Line bar chart field grouping

Having data type: Data, that contains “app data” for each month (and year).

Now having three months and would love to continue to display data of only one field of each “app data”, marked in red (named dt_online_sum


dt_online_sum is data for user online time (per month), and would love to show each months total users online time (how much time all users have spend on platform / month).

Do you see a way here? :smiley: Thanks in advance!

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Change your ‘type of data’ to Data

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Then I will lose the grouping feature -.-

Or, do you have another way to still group them?

Didn’t look like you were grouping them in this case.
If you add a :grouped by in the dynamic data it should accept that as an input

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Thanks! For now this case is unsolved, still searching for a way how to visualize data, in this case the (online time) number each user has, as to showcase the activity and engagement on the platform.