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LineChart from ApexCharts [FREE PLUGIN]

Hi there,

We love the ApexChart library so we made a plugin with the beautiful line charts. We will add more from the library if itโ€™s popular enough :slight_smile:

We believe that the basic versions JS-libraries like this should ultimately be free to use in the no-code community. Hopefully more of you share that sentiment :slight_smile:

Line charts ( :

Really easy to use, here is a screenshot of the options for the line chart:

Plugin page:

Rate it high if you like it :wink:

Take care,


Wow ! It looks great !!!

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Just wanted to say, Iโ€™ve been working on my project for a long time, and I finally was ready to start working with charts. So I went to the forums about 10 minutes ago and boom, a really nice FREE chart plugin! Thanks for your time, and help! Much appreciated!

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Almost the full apex Library is actually already created on the market with a lof of features. I think you should discuss with @Thimo before going further.


@Benji Is there any way possible you could show a tutorial on how to use this LineChart? I 'm having a hard time connecting the Series Categories to my database. Thanks :slight_smile: