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[Shareware Plugin] BA Studios Charts - line charts, time series line charts, ohlc candlestick charts

I wanted to share a plugin i put together for a project i’m working on. its a very customizable line chart. there are two versions. simple and complex. then a complex timeseries and most recently a financial chart.

i needed a line graph that would span and not break the line. i am relying on the chartJS library for this and hope it can help someone else out too!

Plugin Page

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-added financial charts




live mode
Plugin page

Now live are candlestick financial charts! Let me know what customization you want to see!




Live mode

A preview of the next chart to come! Feature requests are recommended and requested!

Radar/Spider web charts coming soon!

@keith and my 90’s computer nerd childhood have inspired me to keep this free and to keep growing and improving the project. Thanks!

Support this project!

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Cool stuff, @jared.gibb! I haven’t had a need to try these out, but they look rad. (And you should really put up a little donations page - so easy to build in Bubble - to collect contributions for this project!)

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Hi, @jared.gibb
Thank you for making such a wonderful plugin!

I have a question.
I want to use TimseriesChart, but an issue is displayed that I need to put a list of numbers on the y-axis. However, in the sample page you can put the number on the y-axis.

How can I put number on the y-axis?

スクリーンショット 2021-05-04 15.55.57

sure! have you been able to set this up yet?

See this post^^ Is this a duplicate of above? If that doesn’t answer your question I could probably record a loom video showing how to do that at some point this week

Thank you for your polite explanation!

I posted it once with another account, but it seems that it took time to approve it because it was the first post.
Sorry for the duplicate posts🙏

I set it as described and solved it!
I will continue to use this plugin in the future!

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Awesome! Happy to help

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Thank you for answering the question the other day!

I have one more question.
I want to display the percentage on the y-axis of timeseries chart, like A’s count / B’s count.
Is this possible?

sure! have you been able to set this up yet?


I could set it to “A’s count”, but I couldn’t set it to “A’s count / B’s count”.

I want to create a state of “A’s count / B’s count” like the image, but Do a search for is not displayed in the options after setting A’s count.

hey @taka! it’s a slightly advanced feature but you got this!

you should be able to do something like this format as text, extract with regex, and convert to number?

Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 7.11.49 AM

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I tried to set it referring to the explanation!
But, there seems to be something wrong yet😭
I will try a little more!

I am trying to use the plugin, but cannot get it working. Here is the test setup:

The result I get is this:

What am I doing wrong?