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Newbie here :grinning: How would I go about linking dropdown box choices. For example: I pick “Honda” in a dropdown list, the next dropdown should filter all other models that only relate to Honda, such as civic, accord, pilot, etc.

I’m currently pulling data from an API, if this makes a difference.

Let’s call dropdown 1 the make of the car (honda/lexus/bmw/ etc) and dropdown 2 the model.

Add a workflow “Do when condition is true”, with the conditional being when dropdown 1's value is not empty. Check the box to run it Every Time instead of just once.

Dropdown 1’s value is a list of all possible models.

In the workflow, set a custom state of Dropdown 1’s value.

On Dropdown 2’s conditional tab, add a condition: when custom state's value is not empty

And then change dropdown 2’s data source to reflect this new constraint (go from searching all possible makes, to just the makes that have the model from dropdown 1). You’ll need a full understanding of your API call to filter between the data (and probably some JSON operators), or make a separate api call each time if this is just an MVP.

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Thank you for your input Danny, I will give this a shot :+1:

In my API I have a call for a years

And a call option to sort the makes by year

My guess is that I would have to append the this portion of the get request somehow? Sorry for the hassle. If there are training courses that you suggest I would be happy to look into them.

I think it’s best to run a workflow to populate your own bubble database with the car list of makes, and then update it with the api call. This way you can write logic that connects to your own database.

if u dont want to save the data, you’ll have to go through how the api call returns each row of data, and write logic to query the makes in relation to the car type.

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