Link clickable for too long and can't make shorter link stretch

I’m not sure if this is truly a responsive thing, but I have a varying amount of text coming out of the database that needs to be a link. When I make the link wide enough to fit the longest text, the clickable region is way too long for short text. When I shorten the link element I can’t seem to get it to widen automatically to the length of the text.

As you can see, the pointer is off to the right where there is no text.

What am I doing wrong here?

You might be able to fix this with CSS or Javascript, but what you’re experiencing is the default Bubble behavior. Text elements and Link elements dont shrink based on the content inside them. Your link element is that wide and the entire element is clickable, even though the text itself is short.

Thx. If I inspect that element and simply remove the width setting, the link renders correctly. Is there no way to do this beforehand using the bubble designer?