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Stretch to fit content isn't available


I have app with fixed width pages. The Stretch to fit content isn’t visible in the editing window. Please see screenshots

Hi @aqqura, are you trying to make it so the text element is responsive, though the page is fixed-width? If so, you would uncheck the ‘this element is fixed width’ in the text element editor window, but keep the page set to fixed-width

Hi! I’m not trying to make this text responsive. The app has fixed width. I need to stretch the text horizontally.

Since you drew the text element to be as wide as the page, doesn’t it stretch horizontally in preview mode?

It doesn’t stretch horizontally in live mode.

Can you share a link to the editor?

I can’t make my app a public. It consists a lot of personal data.
Does the stretch to fit content not work because text is dynamic data?

These are the same settings you have with dynamic data and it does stretch horizontally (see forum example below). I don’t think there is a stretch to fit content option in Bubble; text elements will go as wide as the element is drawn out, or will shrink/go larger if it is not set to fixed-width. It may not be expanding the width of your browser window because your page is set to fixed width, and the width of the page is smaller than your browser window, making it look like it has large margins? I would change your page background color to something other than white and then see if the text goes as wide as the color. If so, you may want to expand the width of your page as well as the text element to make it wider.



This was a feature before responsive. Now, texts stretch by default, except if you check the ‘Cut off content’ box.

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