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Link of Page with example Apps

Last week I found a page detailing a couple of apps built with Bubble, however I cant find it back, I thought I was sure I bookmarked it, it wasnt the ‘‘User apps/example apps’’ page and it also wan’t This had a link to ‘‘how its built’’ section for each app on the page.

Does anyone know the link to that page?

Widgets by AirDev?

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No it was a different one, but Widgets by Airdev is awesome I never saw it before.

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Ah, found it:

We really should have more of these ‘‘clone it’’ example apps and example functions.

It makes it really cool to dive in into Bubble.


Well we haven’t entirely nailed what it means to have templates with bubble. Still experimenting there.

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Might have been this.

It is due a refresh soon.

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