Examples of "Native Apps" built with bubble

Hi all,

are there any good examples of applications that were built with bubble and can be found in the app and android stores? I would love to see a few examples to see how bubble performs in this aspect.

Besides that: Does anyone have experience in this area? How was it to build an app? Are there any do’s and don’ts that one should be aware of? I’m very curious. :slight_smile:


I don’t know of any well known apps that have been built in bubble, but I’ve been making my own app for over a year and there is one major tip I wish I had known from the start. Make everything on one page. When you either make the shell yourself or pay someone to do it for you (I used zeroqode, and they have been very helpful throughout the whole process) the app will run much smoother with everything being on one page. Everything on the page is loaded and stored the entire time the user is using the app rather than having to load in elements just before they are supposed to show up.


That sounds like a very important tip, thanks a lot! Do you use any specific tools to wrap the bubble code at the end and more importantly, may I get a hint on what you are developing? I’m curious :slight_smile:

I’ve been developing an app for independent service providers to manage their billing, communicating, and scheduling sides of their business. Its currently on the appstore for some of my alpha testers, but anybody can download it. It’s called skiple if you’d like to see it. I purchased the full airnative package from zeroqode to wrap the bubble code.

That sounds very cool! Congratulations for having it in the App Store already! :slight_smile:
I actually tried to look for it in the apple App Store, but it’s not showing unfortunately. (Not sure if it’s because of my language settings or something)

If you could share a link with me that would be awesome. I would definitely like to check it out :slight_smile:

Here it is, I didn’t know about the tip to put everything on one page when I started developing it, so going from page to page doesn’t feel native. Thats definitely the biggest weakness compared to a true native app. ‎Skiple on the App Store

If you want to play around with it, feel free to add me as an instructor: Wyatt Knepp. Other instructors are using it for testing and I would not like to mess them up.

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I think the responsive engine is a step in the direction of expanding the app development capabilities.

Thank you for posting that example. Hope to see more coming soon.

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Just downloaded it. Looks super cool and works without any issues (as far as I can tell ofc :slight_smile: ). I wish you good luck with your app journey!

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Thanks! If you ever have any questions about developing for mobile, feel free to give me a dm!

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