Link preview on social media not working properly

  • The link to the main page shows like the above on Twitter
  • On WhatsApp there is no preview at all
  • Links to pages with dynamic content don’t show a preview at all

These are the settings I have changed:

General Settings

Dynamic page

What else do I have to change in order for this to work?

Hi there @CosmicSelf,

Have you pushed the updates live?

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Yeah definitely make sure your page/site is published. Also, for the most accurate testing, search “Facebook Debugger” and use their tool to “fetch” a URL to see what the Open Graph data looks like. Sometimes when you dump a URL straight into a social network right after changes they are serving you an older cached version of your page.

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Yes the site is live for a few days now.

I don’t have Facebook.

Have you checked the source code on your live site, to see if the correct image is there?..

Presumably (as you’re not seeing it) it can’t be, which suggests you’re doing something wrong in Bubble in regard to setting the correct image.

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Yeah, like Adam is saying, at the end of the day you just gotta look at the source code on the published site and it’s either there or not there. If it is, the social networks haven’t properaly cached your site. If it’s not there, it’s a Bubble issue.

If you’re able, feel free to drop a link to the page here and it would be easy for anyone here to take a quick peek.

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Interesting, if I share the link here in the forum, it seems to work perfectly fine. On WhatsApp and on Twitter they don’t.

Also when checking with it works perfectly fine. So then the problem must be in Twitter and WhatsApp. Anyway, social share preview seems to be a big problem. I also have noticed other large websites, sometimes their links to content shows a preview and sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve just had a look into the code on your website and it all looks fine. There is no reference at all to the boilerplate metadata that is loaded in by Bubble.

My guess is that you’ve shared those links to WhatsApp & Twitter before you’ve updated the metadata and they’ve cached it and are now pulling from that cache. I know some platforms do this, but generally, it clears itself fairly quickly - as in it shouldn’t be days.

As for how you can solve it? Well there’s not anything you can do from your end other than wait.

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