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Link Preview plugin error


I am using ‘search box’ to take the input of the URL. When the URL isn’t already present in the database, I have provided an ‘add’ option to save the URL.

When I click the ‘Add’ button - the plugin ‘link preview’ is showing me this error. Does anyone know what it is?



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Hi @harshala,

According to the documentation of the service that powers this plugin (, a 425 error is “Invalid response status code (actual response code from the remote server)”

I know that doesn’t help with an actual solution, but have you confirmed that you’ve set up your “search box” element properly? It should “allow entries not in list” so that you can pass the search box’s “Typed Text” to the plugin action.

Have you tried testing the plugin with a URL typed directly into the plugin action? And also using a regular input? Try setting it up simply first to verify where the error might be occurring. It’s possible that no value is actually being passed to the plugin (you can also verify this with the debugger).

Hope this helps!


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thank you so much for getting back @romanmg

Yes, I have set up ‘allowing entries not in list’ :

So, it was working all fine before. Started showing since last 4 days.

It doesn’t work even if the URL is already in the database. So whether I add an existing URL or a new one, it’s not working.

It is working fine with other input types though. As I am using this plugin in other parts of the web app as well.


@harshala did you manage to fix this? I am getting the same error.

@romanmg thank you so much for this plugin, its fantastic. I also get this error when I use the example app ( Any ideas?


Yes, I was using ‘searchbox’ before. Now I am using normal input and using a repeating group to show the results of the input searched for.

It’s not working otherwise for me.

Hi @remty1, it’s very possible that the URL you’re using doesn’t contain metadata to show preview information. The plugin is powered by this service:

You can get your own API key and try integrating on your own to see if you get a different result. If you’re also getting an error there, then there’s not much I’ll be able to do unfortunately.

I am seeing popular sites load a preview properly, which is why I think it might be the specific URL you’re entering doesn’t have all the data.

Hey @romanmg ,

there is a weird issue I came across.

I am using this editor in the sample of link preview to test the link:

When I post this particular link, it doesn’t render.


But it’s working for other links. It’s only this particular link.

Can you tell me the reason why?

It doesn’t show anything in the preview sample.

When I used in my app, it shows this error:

How to define it in conditions? ‘Link Preview’ image is empty’ is blank.

Hey Gaby,

What if I know for sure the URL is faulty but what I am trying to do is set up some user-friendly error handling?

So I have a field for a user to enter a URL, and it will show a preview of the link’s title and image. But if they enter a bad URL, or just type gibberish in there, since bubble doesn’t have a URL field type or url validator, and as far as I can tell no plugin for this either, I would like to “intercept” the error on the backend through a workflow condition or anything else, and show a normal error to the user like “this does not appear to be a valid URL” instead of that browser popup that will confuse them.

I have tried to use some conditions in the workflow of “if link preview’s url/title is not empty” but nothing worked, I still see the popup error on the front end.

There must be a way for me to do proper error handling no? If not, do you know of any decent way to validate the URL before I call the preview link action? (other than pure regex, aka pure headache)


I’m running into the same error with linkedin, which is an odd platform to run into. FB works fine, but just letting you know @romanmg there may be something available to fix. Thanks!

I made a plugin to solve exactly this problem. “Broken Link Checker” (Shameless self-promotion :slight_smile:
It doesn’t use a 3rd party service, it tests URL’s from Bubble itself. Might fit your use case, might not.

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i dont think works for can someone help check?