**LInk Rotator**

Hello. I would like to create a link rotator. For example; I’ll have a share link and 4 other links. Every time the share link is used it’ll display a different one of the 4 links. Can any one at least get me started in the right direction. Thank you for your time…

Quick thoughts:

If you’re okay with a random link each time, you could put your links in a database table (data type) and then use do a search for :random item to retrieve a random link.

If you don’t want random, you could store the ‘last_shared_link’ as a number and then increment it by 1 each time a link is shared and when last_shared_link is less than 4. When the value is 4, set it to 1 again.

I hope this makes sense. I’m assuming you know how to do searches and run workflows etc.

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