Link the input of a number to the image that is shown

Dynamic image

I have made a database that contains 42 png Icon in a list and numbers 1 to 42. This i want to link. I have a input element that shows only number with max of 2 charakters and an image element. I dont know how to make it possible that when i type in the input element the number 1 it shows in the image element the icon number 1. Thank you for the help.

For image element (which will show your icon) add a data source like Search for icons and add a constraint icon number = input's value.

This is my problem. In the image element i insert a dynamic data. I ad search for icon add a constraint Icon number and here the problems starts = input´s value . I dont get it.

I`m Sorry. I am new in this and i have to learn it.

Change the field type for your icons numbers from “text” to “number”. Right now it is “text” that’s why you get only operators relevant for text values.

Do you mean this?
My Dynamic data Input
It unfortunately didn´t change anything. Thanks for your help

Nope, I mean this:

In Data → Data Types area.

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