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Linked data types don't populate data field

Hi I am brand new to Bubbles and so far i managed to figure thing quickly. However, i am not stuck and i can’t get past it.

I have two data type (i will have more later)
All Clients
All Projects

Every client will have multiple projects and i need to link the to database. I’ve created a type field under projects called For Company Name that is from data type clients.

I can retrieve the information on my front end through a search box but when i continue to create a project and hit continue the the search result does not record in the For Company Name field

I can however add the For Company Name through the little pencil on the database but not through the front end.

My workflow

Any help will be much appreciated.


This expression is a type mismatch (it’s currently evaluating to a yes/no when it should be a Client) - hence why it’s red.

Your ‘For Company Name Field’ is a ‘Client’ type, so the value here needs to be a Client.

So, assuming your SearchBox is set to display ‘Clients’ then you just need to add its value here