Copying a List of Type records into another Type

Good day Bubblers –
I have been struggling to copy a list of things from one data type into another data type and update the linking field.

The problem is that I need to update the ProjectID (linked to Projects) field (Step 4 below) in ProjectScores but I get an error indicating that it should be a type Projects and not let me use the ProjectID (text field) to insert into the linking field. I’ve tried several variations, but just can’t get the linking field to accept a text field. Please see the schema/process diagram below.

Schema / Process Diagram

Quick question - Are you linking data with fields of type DATA TYPE or by your own fields that you have created manually?

I ask this because you mentioned a text field of ProjectID. Each created PROJECT has something called a “unique ID” that is created automatically by Bubble. You don’t have to create your own ProjectID.

Instead, if you wanted to link specific projects to an ORGANIZATION. You would create a new field on ORGANIZATION:

Field name: Projects
Field type: Projects (not text)
Check “this field is a list”

Let me know if I misread your post and you already have this in place.

@wesfrank - Thank you for the reply. In ProjectScores the link is DATA TYPE and I want to update that link with the Project UID from the record created in Step 2.