Linked databases and primary fields, how to show actual data in the data tab?

My app has a few field names that connect with other tables, and one of the ways I test to see if a workflow has worked is by going into the data tab and seeing if its saved the right data to the table.

As I have multiple fields inter connected through the tables, I can only show one primary field to display in the table, and it took me a while to realise that actually the primary field data will show in a field that actually is supposed to display something else (that is, the value of another linked table).

I resolve this whilst building I had to therefore sample the data by building out repeating groups in the front end to display what is actually stored (and not masked by the primary field).

Here’s an example

In the data tab, this is what is shown:

But in the front end, its this

Is there a way I can avoid this building of repeating groups just to test data workflows and check what is stored? I might not be understanding primary fields properly or there might be another simpler way around this.

Hey @JS7319 I think I still need to respond to a DM of yours…

This won’t help testing your workflows but maybe a visualization of your database would help.

Thanks @tylerboodman. Yeah it actually took me a few hours to realise that the primary fields mask the real data in the the cells which is just weird. I actually built the front end after remembering one of your messages to not look at the data tab.

It might even answer my question to you in the DM so let I’m going to build out a front end to display the table data and see if what I was doing was actually the correct expression and workflow.

How do you use this app, installed and says drag to page, but then what?

You put the element on a page then hit the copy button from your app preview (not the editor) and paste it’s output into - Database Relationship Diagrams Design Tool

Check the thread there might be a bug still where you have to add extra linebreaks

I just posted an update to the plugin. I wonder if the issue is with the copy code because I had previously added line breaks but the copy/paste has to replace those to get correct output.

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