Making API call to Bubble retrieves all the records, but how do I show related ones?

If I’m using the Bubble API and running one from Postman on say the Opportunities table, that works and returns what you’d expect. But how do I also have it show values from related tables, like the Company table? If I wanted to show account numbers, company name, company address etc from the related Companies table?

Hey there @alanlee83,
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You can display data retrieved from an API in many different ways, one way is though a repeating group. Not sure if that was your question though.

I’m also trying to figure this out. In addition to showing data from a related table, I’m wondering if there is a way to display the “primary field” rather than the record ID for networked fields (e.g. you have a table called Categories, and a table called Drink Types - a Drink has a value from the Category field - the API pulls the Category ID rather than name).

I think where @alanlee83 might be going is how do you get that data outside of Bubble via the API…not how to show it within a Bubble application. At least, that’s my issue…