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LinkedIn Profile Fields: Positions

Hey - I’m using the LinkedIn plugin and can get every profile field available except Current User’s LinkedIn Positions. I am assigning that field to a Repeating Group and there are no errors but it does not retrieve the positions (or they are blank). I would be happy to set up a LInkedIn API call for this via the API Connector but I don’t believe it is possible to leverage the LinkedIn oAuth2 tokens gathered from the LinkedIn Plugin in the API Connector (which would be really nice).

Thanks for the help.

Can you share a link to linkedin’s doc about this particular field?

Well - from their REST Console the URL is and there is an indication from the existing fields available in Bubble from the LinkedIn Plugin that Positions has already been wired into the results like the rest of the fields that ARE available (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Summary, Profile Pic, etc). The link to the docs is Does that help?

Looking at the code we actually expose the positions. Can you share a link?

Sure. What sort of link? Link to the app/page on Bubble?

Yes, so that we can test.

I’m a newbie to Bubble and not sure if you can see this or not. If I have to deploy let me know. To run it you will have to authenticate to LinkedIn so that the main page can show you the LinkedIn standard fields including the missing “Positions”.


By the way, it appears to not be retrieving Current User’s LinkedIn Email either.

The data structure for Positions is fairly complex with nested nodes. I wonder if the Positions are not fitting nicely into the repeating group? The repeating group’s type is Position and the source is Current User’s LinkedIn’s Positions.

You didn’t fill the repeating group. I just added a text, now it’s working :slight_smile:

Thank you. Unfortunately, I can’t see what you did. Can you point me to docs or something that I was missing? And it’s only showing the current Position from LinkedIN where there should be 12 or so.

I added a text in the repeating group. This shows the current positions, not the past ones.

Still don’t understand… “Added a text” in the repeating group. It had a type (Position) and a source (Current User’s LinkedIn’s Positions). What do you mean by “added a text” so I can learn?

When you have a repeating group, all you’re doing is saying, “Make this data available to me in this spot.” You actually need to explicitly display the data.

What Emmanuel did was add a text element to the repeating group’s first cell. The content of that text would be set to something like: Current Cell’s User’s LinkedIn Position

That way, the text element is saying, “Hey, there’s some data in this cell I can access! I’m going to access that data, then show it on the screen.” If you don’t explicitly put an element on the page to do that, nothing will appear.

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Thank you @potentialthings. Do you mean the “Data source”? If so 1. it’s confusing to use words like “added a text” instead of specifically Data source and 2. it was already there but not populating anything (see previous screenshots in earlier comments). If not the Data source, then where in the RepeatingGroup panel is this “text” being added and where it the documentation on properly setting up a repeating group?

It’s on the page itself, not in the Gray Panel you have imaged. On your page, you draw a repeating group. Inside that repeating group, you have to draw a text element.

I finally get it. Thanks for your patience @potentialthings and @emmanuel!