New Plugin - LinkedIn integration with OAuth (by Pathfix)

The initial version of our LinkedIn plugin is now live :star_struck:

As always, Pathfix will handle the entire OAuth process. Additionally, the plugin offers you the ability to:

  • Post text on your users behalf
  • Post articles with text
  • Get connected users profile info (Me)


Plugin Page:

Upcoming version 2: The plugin will be updated with the ability to publish images along with text

Looking for specific LinkedIn API? Let us know! :slight_smile:

Pathfix Team

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Nicely done! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is it possible to pull linkedin recomendations?

Hey @mlewis2016 if LinkedIn offers the API, you can certainly pull the recommendations. Are you referring to this API? - Recommendation API - LinkedIn | Microsoft Docs

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Do you know how to get access? All I can see that seems relevant is this…

So far no link has appeared.

You will need access to the relevant scopes in your LinkedIn app. We could take a look at your current product scopes and assist accordingly.

Could you reach out to our live chat support or send us an email to ?

@Pathfix Excellent news about adding images to the LI plugin actions- what’s the timeline for that update?

As an aside, a Google Sheets plugin would be huge considering all the Sheets API services out there.

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@Pathfix support hasn’t been very responsive to my queries on this plugin unfortunately. But I’d really like to see it expanded to allow 1) getting a list of company pages managed and 2) posting text and images to company pages as well as profiles.

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@deliriousmiles we could certainly look into adding additional APIs to the plugin. LinkedIn APIs do appear to be a bit more challenging to work with, however, we have researched the image publishing API and have tested this internally. We expect the plugin to be updated with the functionality soon :slight_smile:

If you need any additional support/APIs, do reach out to our support team at or live chat support via the Pathfix dashboard.

Looks like @Pathfix upgraded the plugin- works great! I can post images now, but they’re all captioned “Pathfix!”. Is there any way to customize that so I can post an image and text or an image, text, and article?

Thanks @sydney22

Yes, there was a caption that was hardcoded accidentally during the plugin build. This has now been resolved, the latest version is now available with the change :slight_smile:

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@Pathfix is there an issue with your app / site / plugin? Mine has stopped working on my Bubble app and it seems that your site ( is also not functioning

yes PathFix is down for us too

The plugin (and also Pathfix app site) is down again :disappointed:
Given the nature of the plugin (login & signup), the recent reliability issues make me question whether this can be used in a commercial/critical application. My app is currently unaccessible for all users signed up though LinkedIn (around 60%).
@Pathfix I have created a support ticket - are you able to assist?

Hi there, is there a way to post a job oppening on my users behalf?