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LinkedIn Sign a User Up

Are we able to pull information from LinkedIN? Example, I want to save a User’s First Name, Last Name, and Company. Can I pull that information from LinkeIn? Or can I only login with LinkedIN without pulling information from LinkedIN and saving it?

And IF that is possible, would someone like to walk me through that process?

We’ll have to add this, fetching the company name and the job title (probably next week). You should already be able to get the picture, first and last name.

The way to get it is to

  1. use a sign up with a social network action and pick linkedin
  2. create an ‘app’ with linkedin, being careful with the redirect URL so that it matches well the page where you put the action
  3. enter the keys in bubble in the plugins tab
  4. create an expression like ‘current user’s Linkedin’s First name’ to display the first name, for instance.
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Current User’s… LinkedIn’s… First Name…


I have a similar question, I would like to display a profile picture, first and last name from LinkedIn.

Use case is page with speakers for an event, I do not want any user to initiate an action (e.g. sign in etc.)

Can you please provide a pointer?

I am able to successfully extract any Linkedin information after signup/login and save it to the current user’s profile this way, except for “Current User’s Linkedin’s profile link”: This value is empty all the time (I tested that in several ways). I think it’s a bug in the plugin and reported it here, but never got any response from on that post. Has anyone here successfully extracted that information form a LinkedIn login? Or can @emmanuel assist here please?

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Hi. Do you have an example of what you used for the Redirect URL?

How did you structure it for prod v. dev? How did you structure it to handle page-level parameters?

Hate to bump an old thread, but I’m also wondering the same thing @kramwe

Did you ever figure this out? I’m using the LinkedIn plugin for the firstname, and the URL from which the Signup action is triggered is dynamic based on whatever “Company” the page-type is set to. Any thoughts?

I’m still looking for a solution.

I’ve tried to solve this with the API workflows, but it hasn’t worked possibly because of a bubble redirect?.. not sure.

FWIW, here’s what I’ve tried:

Unlike FB, LinkedIn doesn’t permit wildcards in the redirect URL. This is a problem for me because the origin URL includes a user unique_id in my case. So, I’ve instead looked at uses the API workflow to send the call so that the origin and recipient URL are the same. This hasn’t worked.

This is the error I see:

I’m using 2 OAuth2.0 with the following redirect URLs:

For LinkedIn how do I find out what the “LinkedIn’s positions” type is so I can add it as field on the user? I’m trying to display it in addition to the other fields however, I’m running into some issues?

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Me, too!