Linking a Data Type to Another Data Type

I have 2 different types of data. Users and Vendors. The User data type has a Vendor field with a field type set to Vendor. As users sign up to be vendors, I link them together, however, when I initially set up my app, I wasn’t linking the vendors to the users with the exception of the Creator field on the Vendor type.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to link the vendors to the User’s Vendor field after the fact?

I’ve tried to do so already by having a group that evaluates to a user.
Within that group, I display the User’s Vendor and another input that searches for the Vendors Unique ID only when the creator is = the parent group’s user.

I then created a workflow event that makes changes to a Parent Group’s user. I tried to set the field = the input that did the search for the Vendors Unique ID only when the creator is = the parent group’s user. However it doesn’t allow me to do this for what I assume is that the data types do not match. Vendor is a “Vendor” type and the Unique ID is a text type (I think).

Any help will be greatly appreciated as I do not want to update the data base manually.

Doing it manually is probably easiest unless you have thousands of them and they are all similar.
That said you can make changes to all types that have Vendor is blank and set it to a particular vendor.

Hi tyler3,

happy to help.
can one user have more than one vendor or is there max only one vendor per user?


For User, there is a max of 1 vendor. However, I’m having the same issue with other data types in my system that allow more than one.

For example I have a Booth Info data type. 2 of the fields for the Booth Info date type are Booth Items and Booth Photos which are both set to their respective data types. I have about 250 Booth Photos and Booth Items that are not linked to their Booth Info parent.