Issue relating fields in data types

How can I link a field of one data type with a field of another data type?

I have a “parent” user with a field inside the user type called “shop name” (it’s called “Nombre de la optica” in my app) and when I create subusers I set shop name = parent user’s shop name


The problem is that when I modify the shop name field in the “parent” user it is not replicated in the created users.


All this subacounts are “linked” by parent user’s email (

How can I structure this so that instead of “copying” the shop name that I have in the “parent” user when creating the subusers, this information is linked to the shop name field of the “parent” user.

Is there any way to linked those fields instead of adding a new step in the workflow?

Use an actual ‘Shop’ Field, instead of just a text field…

Yes, I think I should create a Shop Field and add it to my user as Shop, and then when creating the subuser set subuser shop = current user shop. Probably it would be linked like that.

Gonna try that.


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