Linking data in two seperate lists

I’ve a list of videos that a user will upload but also enter a description of each of the videos to go along with it and to be displayed underneath each video. Let’s assume the limit if 5 videos which means 5 description fields as well. I’m not able to figure out what’s the best way to achieve this. If I use RG for each, I need to make sure videos and description texts are entered in the same sequence which I can’t guarantee. Am I overthinking this? Thanks.

Your RG is a group. Just has multiple copies.

Make it decently sized, add a the video source in it, and the description data under it inside a text group.

Thanks @GH5T. I think I understand the display side of this but my issue is how does the data structure look like. The Video and corresponding description need to match when displaying them from the database. So should I save videos in an RG and the corresponding description in another RG but somehow “Video1” in the RG must pick up “Description1” from the the other RG. For example, what happens if Video 2 does NOT need a description. The whole sequence is mismatched in that case.

You would want to structure your data kind of like this:

user (link to user)
comment (text)
link (text)

videos_posted (list of user_vid_post)

in your “Displaying Dynamic Data” portion, you can just add the constraints for current user (user_vid_post) user = current user.

Thanks. Ok I think I understand. Let me give it a shot. I’ve struggling with this for couple of days now.

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Let me know how it goes!

I think I got the concept right but implementation is not working.

  1. WIthin the same RG I’m trying to display a Video (using Video.js plugin) which is of type “file” while the video description is of type “text”. What should be the type of the RG and also the data source?
  2. I unerstand the data source of the RG has to be of type “list” (of files for Videos). But in my case it’s not a list type but basically multiple “things” with each having video as one of the fields (I called it Media). How do I provide the list to RG in such a case.


Hi @GH5T, It’d be great if you happen to have an example of setting up Video.js plugin to display videos in a RG. For whatever reason I’m not able to display the video and when I inspect the data source , it’s just not recognizing the data source I’m assigning. Thanks.

I’ll see if I can either make you an example or find you something that can help.

Thanks @GH5T. I’ve alsi attached here a visual of the setup I have. I’m trying to show video files of type “.MOV” from the “Media” field of the “Analyst Submissions” Data type in a RG.

One clue to go with my last message … seems to be a data-source issue since when I use Bubble’s Inspect feature, the RG does not seem to be picking up the data-source - it shows “empty” when I click on the RG.

Ok I think I figured it out. It was something really silly. Wasted atleast 6-8 hrs over 2 days :slight_smile:

Sorry I wasn’t able to get back to you in short notice - side jobs.

I’m glad you got it figured out… That’s what programming apps is all about, hit and miss all day (mostly miss).

No worries @GH5T. You put me on the right track initially on this issue. So thank you for that. Would you mind if I ask you for suggestions with an unrelated topic? Do you know anything about Twilio based messaging integration by any chance?

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