How to combine single value data type into a list in RG's data source?

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I’m trying to show social media icons as links on the user profile. for that, I have made input fields for each of them.
image .

The problem is, I want to only show the icon if the user fills the input field, and I can’t use a simple visibility condition because it will leave a gap between the icons—for example: O OO O. Instead, I want it: OOOO.

My idea is to use a repeating group. For instance, if the user fills only Instagram and Facebook URLs without filling the youtube and Linkedin input fields between them, then I will only show both IG and FB icons beside each other without a big gap.
My other problem is that the input fields are single-value data type, not a list. My questions are, how do I combine these single value data types into a list in the RG’s data source field? Or is there any other method?

Create a new datatype for social media links.

Have a field for User, Link, Name, Icon/Image, and any other relevant data.

When a user fills out a social media link field, create a new social media link entry, and add it the the user’s list of social media links.

Then use a repeating group to display each user’s social media links.

Here’s another thread with the same question that goes into more detail:

Social media icons and user (dynamic) profile - Need help / APIs - Bubble Forum

I had to play around with the workflow so that the icon also disappears when the user deletes the input value (autobind enabled), but then it works great! thank you!

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