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Linking Database to Sharepoint

Is it possible to connect the database to SharePoint?
I’m building a SAAS platform that I would like to sell to companies and after speaking with my first customer, they’ve asked if their data in Bubble can be copied over to their SharePoint database.
I have no experience in using APIs so I don’t know anything about this, but I would need the ability to create and delete Things. Thanks

You’re going to need to provide more detailed information. Basically you’re asking someone to walk you through exactly how to set up a custom api integration without trying it yourself. I would suggested that you do some research on api integration with bubble and try a first attempt then come back with some screenshots that explain specific hurdles you’re trying to get over.

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Thanks for your reply Paul and apologies for being so vague.
I guess, what I need to know is the feasibility and magnitude of the work required to make it functional. I’m not trying to do it right now.

It’s just a hypothetical question that I have been asked by a potential customer.
I’ve demoed my MVP and I was asked if I could connect the app database to the customer’s SharePoint database, so they could access the same data with their SharePoint apps.
I have to speak with their IT dept next and it’ll probably be a deal breaker.
I can see this being a common issue when dealing with similar businesses.