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General integration question

Hi all,

I am looking to impress a corporate client with a bubble web application which I have built for them at a fraction of the cost of what they may have spent on a traditionally coded system.

But in order for the app to be fully functional, I require a data connection to a system within that company.

Lets say for example, I need to access to a list of all their staff, and an indicator as to whether a staff member is on annual leave or not.

  1. How would I go about having this discussion?
  2. What are the key questions I’d need to ask?
  3. Roughly what would need to be enabled at the client
  4. How would I get bubble to start referencing that data.

I need some help to get to the point that I can comfortably have these kinds of discussions with clients. Please also note that I am looking to develop my own skills rather than hire a Bubble professional to do work for me.

Many thanks!

You’d want to understand if they’re using a corporate directory like an Exchange server or Google Apps for Business or something like that. They may even have some homegrown solution where all their stuff lives. If that’s the case, you want to know if they expose an API or something you can use to get that information. If there’s a handy REST API, you can use the Bubble API connector and you’re off to the races!

In short, it depends on what their technical setup is, primarily what they use to currently house all that information. If they DON’T have that already, maybe that’s something you can build for them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Another possible integration point is the database connector, and using queries to retrieve or update information in their database. Generally an API is a better approach, as it is tailored for interfacing between systems.

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Hi both mishav and PT!
Thanks for the info - will investigate these further.