Linking from Bubble to external page (webflow)

Hello everyone, I am building an app in bubble and I am thinking about having the “resource center” in webflow, due to better design capabilities. Is there a way to protect the webflow pages from being accessed by nonusers? Thank you.

Hey there @razvan,

You could possibly try having an iFrame within a page in Bubble?

Maybe there is some way to connect webflow front-end with bubble back-end api’s?

This video might be handy on connecting APIs to Webflow. You can just replace the endpoint with your Bubble endpoint. I’m assuming your Bubble endpoint will be public.

Otherwise, you can certainly do most of what you need in Webflow in Bubble. I used to be overwhelmed with Bubble’s design system but I’ve taken a “masterclass” and I’m happy with the design chops of Bubble. I’ve summarized some learnings here.