Bubble and Webflow

Hi there everyone,

I would like to create a site using Webflow as a landing page and utilising their e-commerce, but using bubble for a directory and a forum. Also to add more problems to the pile the landing page on Webflow will need a search bar to search the directory and maybe even filters? Is there any easy way of doing this? Where would be the best place to start? Ive heard about using bubble as a backend what even is this for someone with little coding experience?

I’d recommend reading more about bubble and web flows capabilities before diving into it.
What you’re asking is doable and can be done with both or one of the apps. You’ll just need to decide how to approach it.

I’d recommend learning more about API’s and then decide what route to take. There are plenty of tutorials online and bubble makes it a lot easier to work with so check them out.

Hope that helps

Déjà vu! Someone just asked this yesterday. Yes, it’s possible. But then again, anything is possible with software.

You could build everything in Bubble. It will be a lot of opportunities to learn.

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