Linking to other groups with push animation

Would be great to have a Link to other groups with animation to Push, Slide-Left, Slide-Right, and that sort of stuff to allow a more mobile-friendly experience with transitions.

We might be able to make it look native with some manual work and a lot of headaches, but I guess that Bubble might find a way to make it easier for us :slight_smile:

Similar to Adalo, it would be a game-changer.

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I would have to agree completely. This would make the UX/UI so much better. Would love to see this implemented. :+1:


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I’ve done something similar here, but it had a ton of workflows to make it look somewhat acceptable. Haven’t had time to publish it yet to the app store and Bubble’s marketplace.

Yeah, that’s the closest you can get. I think if I were you, I would just remove the animation altogether. Just my opinion though. :blush: Maybe others will think differently.

I did on another demo, looked much better. Didn’t make the time yet to remove all the workflows.

I might try a faster animated transition. Somewhere at 125 ms.

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