My new web product. Linktree analog

Hi, all, I would like to share with you an app I’ve built recently. It is a Linktree analog.

I think it would be interesting for you because it has an interesting design on the desktop version. It looks like an iPhone on the desktop. As I know, PWA apps look the same way.

I think it’s important to share Bubble apps with interesting and qualitative design on the forum so other Bubble devs would have more Bubble apps references (I hope my app is good enough to use it as the reference).

Tips I want to share with you if you want to build something similar:

  1. Don’t use floating group as a background of the page. It literally disables the scroll on iPhones.
  2. If you use “Vertical scrolling” RG and you can’t use wide space on the right and on the left of the RG, then use 2 RGs: “Vertical scrolling” for desktop and “Full List” for mobile. Hide appropriate RG on mobile and desktop. I’ve faced a lot of pain with “Vertical scrolling” on mobile. Always got additional unwanted yellow space on the bottom, the scroll wasn’t good. “Full list” solved the problem. Thank you, @J805, for the idea.
  3. “Draggable elements” plugin ruins the scroll on mobile. Use the “Sortable RG Drag & Drop” plugin by @ezdev instead. It has “tap and hold for X seconds to drag” that is what you need to get great scroll on mobile without deleting drag&drop features. This plugin hadn’t all features I needed, but it was easy to figure out how to optimize User Flow so that I achieved what I wanted. Again thanks @J805 who helped with the idea. @ezdev have a great plugin, the support is also great, thank you guys for your work.
  4. Always save “Link Preview” plugin data that comes from the link’s meta-data to DB. It is VERY important and saves you a bunch of API calls. this API is free if you have 60 calls/hour. I’ve achieved something like 10 calls/hour instead of 100+ (if a user adds 10 links) when I started to save data to DB.

Fill free to give me your feedback if you want. I would be happy if you will create an account and add a link to your Instagram bio) (Link is long and not pretty, it is a temporary problem).

Peace :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. It is worth saying, that the slowness in some parts is caused because of many actions in a workflow. The app is on a “Hobby” plan, so I did not use backend workflows.


Happy to hear that our plugin helped you.
We are constantly working on it, adding new features and fixing bugs.

Nice job with the app

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Is there any way you could make it like this?