Links in my text are not formatting

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I am having an issue with my app that when there is a link within my text element it will not look like a link in any way it will not change color or underline. I can not find a setting in the styles and it is making a poor user experience when they are looking for the link in a blog for example. Below are screenshots to show you what this looks like.

This is an example of a blog post with several links but it is not clear when looking at the text.

When I hover over the link it will underline like this

This is what it looks like when I create the text using the “Rich Text Editor” plugin by Bubble

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can make it underlined and a different color for the links in the text? I know this will help my link clicks and get my users to convert more.

Use link element

The links are always in dynamic text and in different places within the text so I don’t think that would be possilble. Am I missunderstanding your suggestion?

This may help you.0

I’m sorry I’m still not sure how this is applicable when there is no defined number of links in my text. I am writing blog posts and some may have 10 links and others no links. I don’t think having seperate elements for this is viable. Is there a way for bubble to identify when something has a link?

Bubble actually gives you that power. Here is the link : [New Feature] Auto-detection of links and emails in Text Elements

This is helpful and gets me part of the way there. I can now get formatting on links but I still can’t figure out how to do it when things are hyperlinked. Do you have any words of wisdom on that?

I’ve had this issue for a long time as well… Did you end up figuring it out?

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Bubble support told me to add it to the idea board. Here is the link, if anyone wants to upvote and help this functionality get prioritized.

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Whenever I hyperlinked text if I hovered it it would still underline but because it didn’t change color no one knew to hover it. I did not find a fix but the place in my app where I encountered it the most was on my blog and since I am the only one who posts blogs I create them using a rich text editor element so I just make the hyperlinked text blue. Not a real fix but it fixed the user experience part of it at least.

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