List and sublist or database

HI Guys I have two drop down menu one for industry and the other one for type of business how can I configure a system where depending on the industry I choose the following menu shows me just the business related to that industry??
For example I have two industry like Automotive with Automaker , Auto seller as type of business and Hospitality industry with Hotels and restaurant as business…so I need a solution where the user when choose one of the industry from a drop down input the following drop down input about business shows just the business related to that specific industry like Automotive> Automaker, Auto seller

So you have two data types? One as Industry and one as Business?

For the Business Data type, provide it an industry data field.

Then on your first dropdown, your data source would be “Do a Search for Industries”
On your second dropdown, your data source would be “Do a Search for Businesses” except you’d have a constraint on the search where Industry = dropdown Industries value (The Industry dropdown).

Hope that helps…

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Thanks a lot but now I have another problem in the industries drop down it shows me a duplicate of industries because in the data set i have repeated industry value… :sweat_smile:

Try “unique elements”

Done thanks a lots:))