View all my data bases on a dropwdown

I need some help

I’m creating an application for my company where I can control my stock and create a list with all the material that a machine we make takes.

I’m using a dropdown to get the name of all my databases so I can then view the material in the table, but I can’t make this connection.

Is it possible to make this connection?

You need to add a filter on the repeating group. For example, you have a data type named Stock with a data field as the title. On repeating group, select the type of content as stock. In the data source, Do a search for Stocks, and below that add a filter i.e. where title = dropdown’s value.

Rafael, só uma sugestão. Se a sua lista de materiais for muito grande, é melhor vc fazer com Searchbox, pois imagina em um dropdown ter que carregar 1.000 itens por exemplo! Vai demorar mto e vai tornar seu app lento.