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List data type repeating group


Having trouble doing the following and hopefully someone can help.

I have User data type and Company data type. I am trying to get a repeating group list which lists the Company names linked by the Company IDs from both data types. The issue is the user data type is a list of texts for multiple IDs associated to each user. When i try to link the two by ID, i am getting the errors that it results in a list of texts. It’s that list i am trying to show in the repeating group using the company name field.

Screenshots of data setup

Hopefully an easy fix for someone.

Many thanks,

You should add a “Company” field inside the User and reference that. Repeating the Company data inside the user will result in slow experience at scale because it requires additional DB searches.

Create a new field inside the User
Call it Company and make it type: Company

From there you can reference any data in your Company DB from the user DB.


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