Repeating Group - To show all users under the same company

Hi All,
Need some help.

I am trying to create a page whereby the admin can add additional users to their company. But after I added in, I can’t seem to show all the users linked to the same “CompanyName” field in the repeating group.

Am i missing something? Thanks in advance~

Hi there, @yelston… there is probably a privacy rule (likely This User is Current User) on your User data type that is prohibiting the users from being shown. If you have such a rule in place, you can delete it to see if that produces the desired result. That being said, you will likely want to add a rule at some point that is something like This User's Company is Current User's Company to make sure users can only see data for other users who are in the same company.

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc ,
Thanks! It works now~

Noted on the last rule too. I will take note. :slight_smile:

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