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Hey there!

I’ve got a problem with filtering a repeating group by custom states.
The repeating group only should show Things that contain a specific category (Selected Template Categories is a custom state which is a list of an option set; Template Categories is a List of an option set).

Problem: the value right now is empty.

Thanks for help. :slight_smile:

As far as I know, it will not work if you say ListA ‘contains’ ListB. You have to either break it up and say ListB:item#1 is in ListA or ListB:item#2 is in ListA and so forth across all item numbers. Or you can say ListA contains ListB:item#1 and so forth until all item numbers are accounted for.

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You can use the ‘contains list’ expression or other use the ‘intersect with’ in this situation


Thank you, but the list changes dynamically in its length (i forgot to say). This approach would be suboptimal in the implementation.

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Thank you very much! I used the ‘contains list’ expression and it worked perfectly.


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