Repeating Group and Intersect With

I am currently having a ton of trouble with some RG filtering.
I am right now trying to show only items from a database in a repeatinggroup, that intersects with a list of text items stored in a custom state.
The data type from the RG has multiple fields, and is not the same as the items stored in the custom state. The custom state are supposed to hold a list of words, and the expected function should be the repeatinggroup only showing items that contains any of the words in one specific field called Description.
How can i achieve this? I have been trying really hard, and been watching yt videos, reading the forum etc. but i can’t figure this one out.

Hi :wave:

Search for:filtered

Filtered → Advanced

This RG Item's text splited by " " Intersect with CustomState List :first Item is not empty

This should work!

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