List of app pages can't be loaded and generates error

Hey all,

I’ve already reported this as a bug as it’s quite severe, but wanted to hear if anyone else have experienced it.

Clicking on the dropdown list of pages in the top left corner generates an error, and the page list can’t be loaded. It’s been this way for more than 24 hours without exceptions, but only for one specific app.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

If you specify the page name in the editor URL, are you able to access the page?

I encountered an issue like this a while back in a client app. The recommendation (I believe) from Bubble support was to revert back.

Thanks for responding.

I realized I can still list all the pagenames under the sitemap settings. Manually entering their name into the URL opens the page without problems both for previewing and in the editor. It shows two page names that I don’t recognize, however: one is named undefined and the other is a random 5-digit number. Entering any of them into the URL simply redirects me to the index, leading me to believe that there’s a problem with one or both of them.

Did you see anything like this?

I really hope to avoid reverting as that would mean losing about ten hours of development.

Hmm, I’d drfinitely say worth contacting bubble support. Can’t say that I remember the erroneous page names. (I only remember all of the user-created pages not displaying in the drop down, but the bubble standard ones did. But clicking failed to render anything).

My recommendation is to make a backup copy of the app in present state, then revert your app, then carry over what you’d done over the last ~10 hours of work (where possible).

But I’d wait to hear Buuble’s response before pursuing my recommendation.

Hmm, ok, hard to say if it’s the same thing. Thanks for the input and suggestions though, I appreciate it. I’ll update the thread when I hear back from support.

Emmanuel just pushed some sort of fix that straightened it all out. Huge relief.

Not sure what caused it, but I asked. If he has time to give me some details, I’ll post it here.

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