List of Geographic Addresses Not Possible?

How does one display a list of addresses on Google maps (list of markers) without using a list of things to search against?

I’ve got two addresses saved in two different fields under the 1 “thing” but get a type conflict because it’s “looking for a list of Things”.

So I tried creating a new thing called “Route Plan” and then tried to add a List of Geographic addresses but it doesn’t seem to be possible? So how do I configure a list of points to display on a map under 1 thing?

I’m trying to display a Flight’s destination and departure points on 1 Google map.

Currently, it’s not possible to have a list of addresses. @emmanuel mentioned that it’s on their list, but it’s not a simple add.

What you can do is create a “dummy” type of data with an address field, and create a new one for each address. Then, for Route Plan, just create a field that is a list of the “dummy” things.

Yes, not there yet unfortunately. We’re going to work on our back end in the coming weeks, so we won’t be able to look into this before that.

Yes but If i’m trying to use these two saved addresses but can’t save the ‘dummy’ thing as an address type then how can it be interpretted by Google maps and displayed as a list?

It’s a little more work, but you essentially have to work backwards. You’ll need to make sure that the “dummy” type has the correct route plan assigned to it, so that you can send the data when you need to.

Here’s an example I put together in the forum app:

This how I managed on a previous ridesharing app of mine. It can turn into a headache if you’ve got a lot of different combinations of markers, but it’s manageable.

Interesting that you built this for a ride sharing app I’m doing the same thing for a flight sharing app for a flight school.

This looks like it will work!

Will be applying the logic to the main application and I assume it will work the same.


So @natedogg I tried to set this up but its not working because I’m trying to take two seperate entries (Depature Address + Destination Address) on the same page and save those addresses.

The way you have it is that you must trigger the workflow TWICE in order to create two seperate entries into the database which is why it’s working well…

My issue is I have two addresses (depature/destination) on the same page that are trying to be added in the same workflow…

So I have modified what you’ve done in an attempt to get it working and created a “Route Plan” and then a Stop 1 (Dummy) and Stop 2 (Dummy 2) (vs. what you have as just Route Plan and Dummy)

If I had the one address field to enter in the one workflow then yes I could continue to add the addresses in the same fashion but with two addresses on the same page that should go into the same field, how is it possible to string this together?


Not sure I 100% understand, but what if instead of having them as two different data types, you still just had one data type for stops and created fields for stops 1 and 2? Or you could just create a numerical field called “stop type” and assign a value of one or two.

The workflow would look like:

Create a new route plan -> Create a new stop (assign values: address, route plan, and stop 1) -> Create another new stop (assign values: address, route plan, and stop 2)

Looking for advice about how to set things up before building them out since I’ve learned that its presently impossible for a "thing” to have a field which is a “list of addresses”…

My app has booking page with inputs that allow clients provide various information using fields under the database thing, “booking”

Essentially each time the client submits a “booking", one of the most important things they must communicate is a list of addresses (delivery locations—they are actually intersections) that will serve as drop off locations for their items.

My plan is for the clients UI to show addresses they’ve added for the current booking plotted on a map as well as displayed in a repeating group where they can be viewed, deleted, and edited. (By the way, the delivery locations all need to be booked together as one delivery event).

How should I proceed?

Option 1: Try something like the ‘dummy’ approach?

Because the thing “booking” also collects other pertinent and related information like the required date, the type of delivery, etc… I’m worried that creating a new thing “delivery locations” is going to make it confusing to have the sets of addresses linked to the thing “booking” when it comes to passing the set through, searching for the set, etc…

(Side note possibly relevant for how to structure: I’ll need to create a count of the amount of delivery locations for each booking is also going to be important. I need to add a $5 for each delivery location past 8 to the total booking price.)

Option 2: Create many fields under the thing “booking” such as “delivery location 1” “delivery location 2” etc?

I’m thinking this would require creating a huge amount of fields that would probably never be used… and possibly a ton going on within the workflow. Also, if I go this route am I going to run into problems getting separate field data into a repeating group, etc?

Option 3: A really simple way of looking at this I hadn’t thought about but you’re going to point out…

I think maybe you are confusing two issues here.

It is perfectly possible to have a thing with a list of addresses.

This thread was about a particular situation of having a thing with two addresses as fields …

and then displaying those TWO points on a map. As bubble wants those addresses as a list of addresses to display.

So have a booking thing, and then a field with multiple addresses. So a list of addresses.

@NigelG, it actually isn’t possible to attach a list of addresses to a Thing’s field. There isn’t a checkbox option.

@kevin Your best bet is option 1. Just make sure that each delivery location has a field that ties it to the correct booking, and use the “Do a search for function” to bring them all up when you need them.

But how do you have one page with 2 Things being created by the workflow each with their own address, go into the Address field after they click Submit?

Having 1 thing be created each workflow/action I understand can work in this fashion… But having two things created (list of addresses) within the same worklflow isn’t possible to put the data from two fields on that page to the one “address” field.

Create a new thing with a single field that is an address.

Then have the list of that thing.

I had one of these a year ago. It still seems to be working a year later but I will give it a quick test if you like :slight_smile:

Ah yes, just misunderstood you. 100% agree. :grin:


Hopefully not being pedantic, but it should do exactly the same thing as a list of addresses. So basically option 1 I think, but rather than dummy data is actual data.

Sorry, didn’t mean to appear grumpy, bad day in the UK !

Yeah, I certainly stressed wayyy too much over how to structure the data!

Originally I got stuck trying to create a field that was a list of addresses. Ultimately, the best approach was creating a new thing, linking it to the original thing using its unique ID and then querying using the unique ID every time I needed to pull the data dynamically. As you’ve described… Very simple!

I really appreciate you all giving me the time of day.

Sorry about the result of the referendum–sending shock waves even here in the U.S.

Also, somehow I quoted natedog’s “There isn’t a checkbox option.” in that reply. <–that was an accident

It appears we are now allowed to make a list of geographic address via search (was this true in 2016?). I would prefer to make a short list in an element-state with typical tools like plus/join/merge, etc… should be this be able to be done now?

In other words was this capability omitted by accident? or is this still something that is not practically accomplished even though it can be done via search? @emmanuel If so I’d be happy to submit a bug report to get it on the list of todo’s… please advise if you have a moment. Thanks!

If I understand correctly, you simply want to add geographic addresses to a custom state that is a list of type “geographic address” and have that list of addresses display on a Google map without storing the addresses in the DB, right? Sure, that’s possible.

Hmm, no that’s not what i mean really. Thanks for replying though to help me clarify.

Maybe what i’m looking for is not specific to geographic addresses… i’d like to create a list using the list capabilities in the source of a dropdown or via a state element which is a list, beyond just doing a db search. I guess it seems to me there should be a ‘converted to list’ option which seems to be missing… .

Here is an example where i seem to run into a wall… if i want to pick the sources for a dropdown (ex. of geographic addresses)… I’m not allowed to chain together something like a home address, business address - both held in a user’s record and add it to a current location grabbed dynamically. Instead I have to do searches to unlock ‘list editing’… which seems less than ideal.

I may yet be able to generate an empty list or something but natively we are not allowed to ‘convert to list’ via the editor to handle a case like this (which then opens up a variety of other tools - plus item, merge, etc.). I feel like this is an inadvertent omission rather than purposeful. Does this make sense?