Publishing addresses from a db onto a map

Hi all - I’m two days into Bubble, so thanks for any tips here.

I’d like to post a list of event addresses stored on a db in Bubble on a map. I’ve installed the Google Places plugin, and set up the API key, but am stuck on what to do next. Any instructions or examples are greatly appreciated. I have this screen, but the address field is not offering any options, so am stuck. Is there something else I should do?

Advanced help request - The addresses have a time on them, like a concert. I’d like to show events that only occur in the future, and not ones that occur in the past. Many many thanks.

For this to work, you will need to store the Address on Scheduled Workout. So a field with a type of “Geographic Address”.

Thanks @NigelG ! Do you know how to get it to appear on a map?

Here’s what I have set-up now. Is there a way to display the listed addresses onto a map? Thanks to help and ideas.

Hey there. Having struggled with this exact problem before, I understand how maddening it can be. It sounds like you’re trying to accomplish something like this:

It’s actually not as difficult as you think. You just need to get things set up the right way.

In your database, you’re creating a “thing” which will be “Events”. The address/location field needs to be set as “geographic address” and you will need a full address of the event location in that field for the map to read it.

When you create your map element, you’ll want to set the number of markers to be a “LIST”.
The type of marker is your “Thing”, “Event”.
Data source is “Do a search for events”
Address field will be location (if you set it up as geographic address). If you did not, there will be no option.
Show title window is up to you. If you leave it shown, it can display some data about each location on the map, as I did in the example, where it shows the activity for each event. If you choose to do that, you will set the “marker caption” to be whichever field of your data you want it to display. In this case, the event. If could just as easily be “fee”, “Level”, etc.

That will put your points on the map.

If you want to go a step further and have the even data displayed for the user, just create some text fields below the map, like I did in the example. For each field you will set it to display “Map’s current marker’s [field]”

Here is a link to the example app i created for it, in case you want to look at it yourself:

I hope this can help you overcome this hurdle. Good luck on your app.


This is so incredibly helpful @jcindy81! Thank you very much; got it to work.

Can you have the map do the same but just with zip code… not complete address?

The map only searches for complete addresses, as far as I know.

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