List of things only for privacy rules. Recommended?

Hi all,

I know List of things aren’t recommended for lists > 10 to 100 things, but what exactly is this limit recommened for? Better Page load, Privacy Rules, WU or Workflows?

My situation:
-Users can collaborate with a datatype
-By default this datatype is private and visible to only its creator
-When they collaborate, they get access to the datatype
-This is done by adding the datatype to a list of “collaborations”.
-The privacy rule is, “if current user’s collaborations contains this datatype” → access=true

Now what if this is a seasoned user that now has started 1,000 different collaborations. Will this list become an issue? I’m only using the “collaborations” list as privacy rule, never for a repeating group.


If you do a search for your data type, the full collaborations list will be returned every time, even if you don’t reference/display the data. So, in theory, it could lead to slowdowns.

That said, I personally haven’t tested how the number of list items on a Thing affects it’s load performance. It is, after all, just a list of unique strings - not the full data object of each list item. It may just be performing any operations on that list (e.g :filtered) that it begins to get really slow.

Hmm, I’ll have to do some more testing then. Thank you so much!