List of times (for a particular day) from 8am - 5pm

So, I can DISPLAY a list of times for a particular day. Every 30 minutes.

Using “List of numbers” plugin from the Toolbox. Increments of 30. Then add the number from the list using the cell’s index as “plus minutes”.

But I can’t for the life of me work out how to get an ACTUAL list. Not just display the right time in a text field.

Any thoughts?

Have you tried the “Date & Time Toolkit”?–time-toolkit-1551365877078x445243110416449540

Worked pretty well for me when I tried to do something similar.

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Yes, but doesn’t do half hour slots :frowning:

The full calendar schedule suite has a timeslot generator element. This element would do the trick.

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Hey, I get to help @NigelG for once! Usually it’s the other way around :sweat_smile:

This can be easily done with the “Calendar Tool” plugin and the “Toolbox” plugin. Use the Toolbox to generate a list of numbers. Use the Calendar Tool to generate a list of times. Now you can show a repeating group for the list of numbers and display the times that correspond to the number, or do anything else that you need.

Example page here.

Finished product:


Thanks so much @jared.gibb and @BrianHenderson :slight_smile:


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