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Making timeslots out of a date range

Happy New Year to everyone!

I need funtionality to create timeslots out of a dates range. Users will specify start and end date, weekends excluded, then I need a process to create 1 hour timestots within the range. For example if range is 10am to 6pm, 8 timeslots should be created. Then I should be able to delete or modify specific slots.

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I second this, it would be nice to have someone that has built a time tracker chime in. It’s definitely possible to build: I would say it is just a matter of running a workflow after specifying a start/end date, drawing from a database that has 24 hour periods “slotted off” into chunks, and then displaying only the relevant slots by using an ‘advanced’ filter on a repeating group.

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If you are looking to create database entries for each “slot” then you will need to do similar to the above I think.

Have some static data with 24 slots prepopulated. Then use a search to get the ones you want … so between 10am and 6pm would return a list of 8 things.

Then run an API workflow on that list, so it will run 8 times. For each one you will need to send in the particular timeslot and user data, but with that you should be able create the entries.

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Thank you Nigel,

I am also thinking to create a table, essentially representation of a calendar, having a date column and rows representing each hour, for the whole year. Do you think there is a simple way to do it? As I cannot upload xls file with my account.

You could create a list where each item in the list is one hour.
Then set the data source of a repeating group to that list.
Then set the parameters of the repeating group to like 24 columns and 365 rows with fixed dimensions.

After that, the repeating group should assign the right hour in your list to the right cell in the group.

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Sorry to complicate it further. We need time slots to be variable, like 1h or 2h. Meaning that each planning sessions could be for different time interval.

Looks like we need a page, to define start date and end date and timeslot duration. Then a program should run to create slots based on the parameters.

Viewing results over repeating group would not be good enough, we need to pull the slots to a calendar and modify slots as available\booked there.

You could also integrate which does exactly what you want.
It is a bit pricey though, depending on your needs.

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It is pricey, sure will need to do my own

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You can upload a csv ?

Nigel, I am on free plan, so any uploads are not possible I suppose? If not, can you please give me a hint how csv could be loaded?

CSV upload are only available once you’re on a paid plan.

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