List Shifter eval(x) aka Run Javascript

Hi, everyone!

I already tried several combinations but, without success.

Anyone here, could share some examples on how to use List Shifter eval(x) aka Run Javascript?

I am in the final development stage and need to solve an issue with this resource.

Any help is welcome.

Thanks in advance!


Can you let us know what you’ve tried or what kind of script you’re trying to execute?

Hi, @jared.gibb!

I know that List Shifter is a powerful tool and some options are apparently simple but have some trickies and specific steps in order to achieve the expected result.

Probably I am only missing something easy…

In the first moment I would like to test the resource with a simple function. And then apply some more complex calculations.

In this LINK there is more details but, in resume:

Here is the code (function):

var result = test(This ListShifterKW´s Original List);
function test(x){
var d = x * 2;
return d;

And the issues are:

1- On field “Long Text Constant”: I do not have access to the variables: RS1, RS2, RS3, RS4, RS5. Or “Numeric Constant” or “List Type List Constant”.

2- When I use the option available (Original List, Shifted List…) The results do not iterate over the list. It only calculates the first List Item.

If you or anyone could share a real example of “List Shifter eval(x) aka Run Javascript” I will be very grateful.

Thanks for your attention.


Hi! Is anybody there…

Sometime I think that:

  • Who already implement “List Shifter eval(x) aka Run Javascript” do not read this post or had time to give me some “light”.
  • Or nobody until now used “List Shifter eval(x) aka Run Javascript”.

With another help from Keith I finally understood.
To access the variables on the “Long Text Constant” field you need use the EXACT names listed on “Pro Tip”.